Cloud Strife is the main character in Final Fantasy VII as well as Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. He is a proud, arrogant and talented swordsman who has turned into a mercenary and is only interested in completing the task that he is being paid to do. However, he soon learns more about his past, learning that there is a lot more to being a hero than strength and fame. As a result, he starts to develop some compassion for Gaia and its people and vows to protect them from his nemesis, Sephiroth. During battle, he wields large broadswords and other powerful weapons.


Cloud is a light-skinned man who is slightly below average height. He sports spiky blond hair which has become his trademark look. His eyes are blue and glow due to the fact that he has been exposed to Mako – a liquid form of Gaia’s life stream. His favourite weapon is the Buster Sword, which is a huge sword that he can wield to devastating effect. He also loves to fight with six fusion swords. These six small swords can connect together to form a larger sword that is very familiar to his Buster Sword. He really is someone you don’t want to mess with.

Cloud Strife’s Life Story

Cloud’s father died when he was young and he was raised by his mother. He had difficulty making friends, so to try and make himself feel better, he managed to convince himself that he was better than everyone else and didn’t need any company. When Cloud was just 9, Tifa’s, the girl he fancied, mum died. She climbed a mountain to see her again, but she stumbled and Cloud couldn’t save her. He developed an anger problem because of this. At 14, Cloud learned about Sephiroth and his antics. He originally wanted to be like him, but this all changed due to some unfortunate events.